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About me

Most of my working career was spent in the field of science & technology until a change of circumstances presented me with the opportunity to spend more time on the arts, allowing me to explore my creative side. However, I still retain a strong interest in the sciences and this is sometimes reflected in the subject matter of my paintings.

Abstract in nature, my paintings are largely experimental and mostly inspired by the natural world or satellite imagery of the earth and space.

My work is based mainly on watercolour, portraying large subjects on a small scale, hence ‘paintings for small spaces’.

I use a mixture of media and layering of various materials to create unique surface effects. My paintings are usually close-cropped resulting in a dramatic final image.


Occasionally reminiscent of photographic snapshots, some are dark and brooding, some serene and contemplative, and others are a celebration of colour on which to feast the eyes.


The paintings are best viewed at close quarters to fully appreciate the exquisite detail within.





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